Artistic Auto Body – Community Involvement

Artistic Auto Body is dedicated to the safety of our customers as well as those we serve in our community.  Our Tigard auto body shop recently had the opportunity to partner with Scene of the Accident’s Todd Hoffman in hosting a “Rescue 4 Disabled” workshop for Oregon CERT: Community Emergency Response Team.  This workshop was presented to approximately 75 of Oregon’s finest from right here in Tigard to Tillamook to Grant’s Pass who are dedicated to establishing a network of citizen support in times of disaster, road blockages, and communication failures.  Not only did this opportunity unite people on many fronts, including those in trail patrol, EMT, fire departments, and first responders, but through education it allowed our auto repair facility to share our concern about the community at large.

Rescue 4 Disabled provides students with the information they need to properly identify and categorize persons with disabilities and initiate the appropriate diagnosis and care for each disability.  The class also helps to teach how to recognize mobility and prisoner vehicles and execute the best procedures to safely and efficiently extricate their occupants in the event of an accident. This training prepares CERT members for added circumstances that could influence their capacity to assist under dire events.

Best practices and continuous training are important in the auto body repair industry just as it is for CERT. It is important not only in our auto body shops but also in the automotive industry as a whole to work diligently to stay current with the technological oddities of vehicles and repair per OEM procedures to establish pre-loss conditions. These procedures are what allow the energy to absorb properly through the vehicle and keep the passenger compartment safe allowing people such as CERT to do their job and to do it at optimal levels.  It is educational to get the perspective of those responders who see a collision in relation to how the vehicle protects a person and the responder’s capacity to retrieve drivers and/or passengers safely and efficiently.  This perspective really validates all the hard work and training we do in the auto body repair business to ensure the safety of our customers.

On behalf of Artistic Auto Body: Tigard, Wilsonville, and Beaverton, thank you for the privilege of hosting the “Rescue 4 Disabled” event!

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