Artistic Auto Body How Green is Green?

Going green is an environmental movement that has charged its way into the automotive repair industry. In the past, auto body repair and mechanical shops have been some of the least likely proponents of the “green” movement. However, as with many other industries, going green in the automotive repair industry is not only possible but sustainable. So, what is Artistic Auto Body doing to decrease our carbon foot print? Artistic Auto Body has made efforts both in the office and on the shop floor.  Artistic Auto Body’s offices are working diligently to go paperless at all three of our locations: Tigard, West Slope, and Wilsonville. Instead of the reams of useless printouts we used to create, Artistic Auto Body is moving forward with online estimate forms, authorizations, and electronic files to prevent all excess paper waste. Any paper waste we do generate is recycled along with cardboard, cans, plastic, tires, metals, automotive fluids, and automotive parts.

In addition, Artistic Auto Body has installed a waterborne paint system to transition away from the traditional solvent system.  Artistic Auto Body has also added a nitrogen welder to our arsenal of advanced technological equipment that not only improves repairs but also minimizes the negative impact to our surrounding environment. As a company, our overall process at Artistic Auto Body is designed around the lean concept.  The lean ideal requires us to work hard to deplete waste and continually strive to improve our methods in an intentional effort to restore peace of mind to our customers and maintain a respectful culture for our environment.

To find out more information visit our website at or any of our three locations: Wilsonville, Tigard, or Portland.

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