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Safety is a top priority in deciding proper repair methodology here at Artistic Auto Body. Our auto body repair estimators and collision repair technicians will never waiver in our decisions to repair or replace when it comes to customer safety. In fact, our dedication to this principle has brought forth a relationship with a company called VeriFacts Automotive. VeriFacts is a third party independent company that verifies an auto body shop’s capacity to perform high quality vehicle repairs. VeriFacts works hard to identify top performing autobody shops so that consumers can make smart choices when deciding which autobody shop is qualified to perform repairs on their vehicle. Verifacts and Artistic Auto Body are both committed to proper repairs and safety at the highest level. This commitment ensures proper automotive technician training and quality body and structural repairs. This new relationship really solidifies and exemplifies Artistic Auto Body’s dedication to our customers.


Our partnership with VeriFacts Automotive means that Artistic Auto Body exposes our technicians to constant review and assessment by a company dedicated to safety and proper repair methodology. This means our customers will not only receive top notch customer service but also the highest quality repair. The environment in the car industry is an environment of change. Each year consumers thrive for the latest and greatest technology. It is imperative for Artistic Auto Body to stay absolutely up-to-the-minute not only in equipment and technician training but also in knowledge and access to the most relevant literature and resources to ensure our body shop facilities are above the rest in our ability to repair today’s vehicles. Verifacts is dedicated to Artistic Auto Body’s success by employing unscheduled visits to inspect repairs, provide on-site demonstrations, and assist with resources and training. Artistic Auto Body looks forward to our future as we position ourselves in the industry as the top performer regarding safety and quality.


To find out more about VeriFacts Automotive go to, contact Artistic Auto Body Tigard, Artistic Auto Body Beaverton, Artistic Auto Body Wilsonville, or go to our website

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