Retail Complete Auto Detailing

Artistic Detailing Services has been in operation for over 15 years and is only offered seasonally so please contact the Tigard shop to see if you can schedule a detail. 503.639.9200

For those of you that need to know a ballpark first, here is our best attempt at a general price list. Again, these are all subject to change, both up and down, depending on what your vehicle actually needs.

Complete Detail ~ $250*

Including Paint Touch up on Standard Vehicles

Complete Detail ~ $300*

Including Paint Touch up on Light Truck, Mini Van and Small SUV

Executive Detail ~ $350*

Including Paint Touch up on your Luxury Car

Complete Detail ~ $400*

Including Paint Touch up on Full Size Truck, Mini Van and SUV

Interior Detail ~ $150*

Including Shampooing of all Carpets, Seats, Door Jambs, Windows and Plastics, Leather Cleaning and Conditioning

Exterior Detail ~ $150*

Including Wash, Clay Bar, Buff, Polish and Wax

Lite Polish and Wax ~ $85


Retail Complete Detailing only offered at the Tigard Location

Why choose us?

Since we are already paint experts, we are really the best people to help make sure your exterior finish is properly cared for, and if you do have minor scratches and chips, we know how to best deal with them. And because we are mainly a body shop, don’t think that we will automatically want to just repaint any damaged panels… we talk people out of paint repairs all the time if we feel we can make it look better without spending a lot of your hard earned money.

Our only concern is earning your trust, and keeping you as a customer for the rest of your motoring life. And if you can learn to trust us with the little stuff like this, our hope is that if you ever do need collision repairs we want you to remember us for that too. We know how important trust is these days, and we don’t take that lightly. Be assured we will work very hard to earn your trust, and even harder to maintain it over a long term relationship.

We really need to see your vehicle to understand just what it needs and what your expectations are. You will find after talking to us that we are very knowledgeable & confident in our abilities, and we will listen carefully regarding your expectations, as it is our goal to be able to exceed them…so we obviously need to know what they are before we begin!

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