The Battle for Your Safety

The Battle for Your Safety – Part 2

This post is the 2nd of a 5-part series. Please click here if you have not yet read Part 1.

Over the last 39 years we have worked hard to establish a reputation for safe, high quality repairs and excellent customer service. We’ve also striven to be your trusted advisor and make the complicated repair process as easy as possible for our customers.

In 2008, automotive technology began to advance rapidly, and it has been getting harder and harder for repair shops to stay up-to-date with all of the innovations. At Artistic Auto Body, we have always been committed to a safe and proper repair, returning each vehicle to pre-loss condition. We remain committed to that objective, and to that end we have prioritized training for our staff, acquired all the necessary new equipment, and pursued as many factory certifications as possible. But each year, the costs associated with keeping up with technology advancements continue to exceed our ability to charge insurance companies to cover those costs.

These advancements in automotive technology have also significantly increased the average cost of collision repairs, which affects the insurance industry. Unfortunately, many insurance companies have simultaneously engaged in a price war, spending billions of dollars to convince you that they can save you money on car insurance premiums. The result of these two trends is that insurers are now hard pressed to pay the increasing cost of repairs, and they transfer that pressure to repair facilities.

Meanwhile, the manufacturers dictate the repair process. As a certified repair shop, and in our commitment to proper repairs, we must follow the manufacturer recommended procedures.

Some insurance companies do a great job of paying for thorough and proper repairs as dictated by the manufacturers, but sadly, some do not. We care about you and want your vehicle repaired correctly, but too often, insurers don’t seem to prioritize your safety and refuse to pay for required procedures. In addition, many insurance companies refuse to pay higher labor rates for complicated repairs that require extensive training and effort. Not every technician and not every shop is qualified to perform repairs on certain makes or models, but insurers often refuse to pay a premium rate for premium repairs. In the past, we have just eaten those costs in the name of customer service. Unfortunately, we can no longer afford to do that.

Moving forward, we are asking our customers to become more involved in the repair process to help us protect the safety and integrity of your vehicle after an accident. At a minimum, you’ll need to be involved in the communication, and you may even be asked to pay for costs that the insurance company denies. Of course we will have this conversation in the very beginning of the repair process, because we don’t want you to have any surprises at the end.

This post is the second of a 5-part series. We hope that you will continue reading as we explain in more detail the Battle Over Rates and the Battle Over Repair Procedures. Click here to read Part 3.

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