The Reason We Are Here

The reason that we come to work every morning is to help our guests by fixing their vehicles properly and safely, and the result is that we make money doing it.

It’s never the other way around.

We have always searched high and low for the Best of the Best, and in our search we’ve not only built a stellar team of professionals, but also created a family. Our goal is to grow individuals right along with the company. Molding and shaping not only ourselves but the industry, too. It’s not about how many locations we have or how many people work there; it’s about the quality that each location produces, and having the RIGHT people makes all the difference. Artists, Craftsmen, Researchers, Teachers, Innovators, Leaders, those truly passionate about the work they do…. these people are the future of Artistic Auto Body.

-Chris Siva-Howard, Global Office Manager – Artistic Auto Body

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