Understanding the Review Process

ReviewsEver wonder why your latest Yelp review didn’t show up on the company’s Yelp page? Well, it may not have been your posting mistake. Yelp has, as a policy, the power NOT to publish certain reviews based on their opinion of whether you “contribute reliable and useful content.”

“Does Yelp publish every review from every user?

No. We get millions of reviews from our users, and our job is to showcase the ones that best reflect the opinions of the Yelp community. These recommended reviews comprise about three quarters of the reviews we get. The remaining reviews are accessible from a link at the bottom of each business’s profile page, but they don’t factor into a business’s overall star rating or review count.”

As a consumer you are most definitely missing out on valuable information.  You could be basing your decision to choose a shop on the positive feedback that Yelp puts at the forefront of that shop’s page; but hidden away, down at the bottom, is a link for “Non-Recommended Reviews.”  Yelp rarely publishes reviews from first time Yelpers, but what if the service was so good or so bad it compelled them to share their experience about an establishment? That review should be listed and seen by all so it can help paint a clearer picture of the shop’s quality and customer service.

Statistics show that, on average, auto body services are needed only every 7 to 10 years. That is a lot of time between accidents, which decreases the amount of reviews that a customer might write. We want to give your review a voice regardless of rating.

Nearly 50% of Artistic Auto Body’s reviews, good and bad, are hidden away on Yelp’s “Non-Recommended Reviews” page, and the same goes for our competitors. This is not fair to you, the consumer. We love the positive feedback, and we really appreciate the negative feedback, too. Those valuable opinions tell us what we need to fix and what we could be doing better. We respond to both types of criticism and work hard to learn from all of your feedback.

Visit Yelp to see both recommended and non-recommended reviews for all three Artistic Auto Body locations. We also encourage you to visit our competitors’ Yelp pages so that you can make an informed decision on which shop to choose. Thank you for your continued support – and we look forward to seeing your review.

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