Artistic Auto Body is looking for people of good character with a commitment to quality and a passion for excellence!

If you are hardworking, ambitious, and career-minded, we would like to meet you!

Our office professionals do an amazing job of exceeding the needs and expectations of our customers – our reviews & award winning CSI is evidence of that. We have fun making our customers happy! We strive for continuous improvement knowing our customers expect a lot from us, and we rise to that challenge daily.

With advancing technology, our technicians are capable of fixing any damage on any vehicle that comes our way. Because of our commitment and passion for excellence, we invest in all forms of training for our employees. We maintain I-CAR Gold Class status, which requires annual training for all our employees. We also invest in VeriFacts coaching to ensure we are kept up-to-date with technology and repair methodology.

Artistic Auto Body has a solid foundation built on honesty and integrity, and we expect every employee to treat every customer’s car as if it were their own.

If our culture matches what you are looking for, we’d like to hear from you!

We are currently considering applicants for the following positions:

  • Body & Frame Technicians
  • Paint Technicians
  • Estimator/Blueprinter
  • Detailers
  • Parts Assistant
  • Painters Helpers

Please submit an application if you are interested in these careers at Artistic Auto Body.

*All positions require a good insurable driving record with a valid driver’s license.
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*All positions require a good insurable driving record with a valid driver’s license.
Apply Online


  • CSR 1 – Learn all the basic entry level body shop knowledge, provide great customer service
  • CSR 2 – Knowledge of body shop/insurance activities, exceptional customer service
  • Admin Assistant – Train CSRs to perform Pre-Closing duties and help oversee CSRs
  • Office Manager – Manage the office, customer activities, train, coach, provide direction


  • Estimator Trainee – Assist Lead Estimator and trains with them to learn the basics
  • Estimator – Write estimates, connect and sell, excellent people skills


  • Blueprinter Trainee – Assist the blueprinters
  • Blueprinter – Technical estimator with strong technical background
  • Tear Down Tech – Hourly body mid-tech position
  • Senior Body Tech – Experienced body tech that prefers a less demanding hourly position
  • Department Manager – Top blueprinter to review all work, train others, and manage the department


  • Production Assistant – Assist the Production Manager and arrange sublet vendors’ activities
  • Production Manager – Manage production for one of our high capacity buildings
  • Body & Frame Tech – Highly trained and able to perform any body or frame repair function. Individually or lead a team.
  • Body Mid-Tech – Requires Collision Repair Associates’ Degree, or 2 years experience.  Work individually or on a team.
  • Paint Tech – Work individually or on a team
  • Paint Mid-Tech – Work together on a paint team
  • Mechanic – Highly trained in collision related mechanical work
  • Mechanic Apprentice – Assist the mechanics while learning


  • Parts Assistant – Entry level, learn the basics and assist the manager
  • Parts Dept. Manager – Manage all aspects of parts activities


  • Lot Attendant – Move cars, run errands, clean the shop, help in Detail
  • Level One – Entry level, little to no experience required. Clean cars to the 50% point
  • Level Two – Ability to clean & detail to 90% completed
  • Level Three – Attention to detail proven up to 95%
  • Expert Buffer – Ability to remove imperfections with quality and speed
  • Detail Dept. Manager – Ability to detail at the 100% level, train, and manage the department

*All positions require a good insurable driving record with a valid driver’s license.
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  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Paid Time Off for Established Employees
  • Paid Sick Time for New Employees
  • Paid Holidays
  • On the Job Training and continued certifications (I-CAR, OEM, Welding, etc)

Optional Benefits: Aflac Insurance, 401k with John Hancock and more!

We want to help you make an informed decision about coming to work for Artistic Auto Body. We’ll share openly with you now to give you additional insights into who we are and how we work.

I share your values, but how can you assure me that this is the right place for me?

We place a lot of emphasis on character when we hire, and maybe less emphasis on competence. However, we see a lot of value in both. As with anything new, there will likely be some challenges. We have learned that two things are very important to ensure success…

Passion/Energy – You want to be the best and work with a team of others that want the same thing!

Commitment – We will help you succeed as long as you are committed to the same thing!

With passion to be the best and a commitment to shared values, we can teach and train the rest. Our entire team is committed to helping you succeed! Within days you won’t believe how friendly and helpful everyone is, and how much fun we have together!

As a technician, I can probably make more money working somewhere else with lower quality standards, why should I come to work at Artistic?

Time is money and if you have to spend more time to do quality work you can’t turn as many hours as you can at another shop that doesn’t expect so much from you. We get it, and this is why we are only looking for techs who consider themselves Craftsmen, who take pride in their work. And there is nothing special about our quality standard, it is just simply asking yourself this question- would you be happy with it if it were your car? And thus when we treat each customer’s car as if it were our own, we elevate the needs of our customers above everything else.

Why should this matter to you? ….

Because when you focus first on the needs of your customers, they can tell. This is why our customers love us, are very loyal, and are such great ambassadors for us. Over the last 35+ years, all of our customers have combined to create an incredible “Outside Sales Team” that keeps us very busy all year-round. We are much busier and stay consistently busier than the average shop for this reason, which should be a substantial incentive for any tech looking for stability and long term security.

It takes longer to do high quality work. We recognize that, so that is why we work so hard in other ways to support our techs so they can be much more productive at Artistic than at any other shop. We want them to be able to stay in their work areas and fix cars all day and not have to waste precious time doing things that pull them away from that.

So how does your process make your technicians more efficient?

Let’s take a look at issues that are commonplace within our industry…

  • Poor estimates mean lots of work stoppage, which means…
  • I have to go searching for an estimator to come and write a supplement…
  • Then the car sits in my stall while I wait for the very busy estimator to eventually come see me…
  • I have to go search for answers to many questions, or go search for my next job…
  • I have to go get my parts, which are often damaged, wrong, hiding, or never even ordered…
  • They expect me to write the supplement…
  • And the list goes on…

In stark contrast, we provide the following assistance that allows techs to be at least 30% more efficient!

  • We review the estimate and map out the repair plan before we touch the car.
  • We often tear down the car in a dedicated tear down area away from tech’s normal work area.
  • We have a dedicated blueprinter to write the supplement.
  • The tech is able to provide input into the supplement, and review it before we lock it.
  • The Production Manager reviews the work order for accuracy and completeness before printing it.
  • This reduces the chances you will have questions. (He asks the questions so you don’t have to.)
  • The Parts Assistant will store your parts cart until you are ready for it again.
  • The Parts Assistant will bring you your parts when you are ready for them.
  • The Production Assistant will move cars in and out of your work area for you.
  • An assistant will come around at least once an hour to ask how you doing and if you need anything.

This process has been developed over many years and is very unique to us. We admit our profit is less because we invest in all this additional administrative support, but we are very proud of our team, and their award-winning levels of quality and customer service make it very worthwhile.

Word on the street is mixed about working at Artistic; why might that be?

Over the last 35+ years there have been some that claim they shared our core values, but then once put into a working situation they exhibited behaviors that were in opposition of that claim. So for this reason our interviewing process is more intensive than most people are used to, again because we want to make sure we get it right! We don’t want people to fail; we want to help them succeed. Our success comes directly from our commitment to our team and to our values. And because these values are so important to us, we simply will not tolerate behaviors inconsistent with our values.

This is why we encourage prospective employees to come and check us out for themselves. Come talk with any of our team members and ask them anything you want. You will see that the people that do share our values and our passion love working here and stick around for a long time. Our culture is different, but it is difficult to communicate that fact in normal job postings. That is why we have created this booklet. We want to help you make the right decision.

Technicians – learn more about us here

We hope that you found this FAQ sheet helpful. If you still have any questions, please reach out to us; we’re happy to help!