EV Specialists

Artistic Auto Body is dedicated to becoming the best in Electric Vehicle repair.  We hold OEM certifications to repair all models of Tesla along with Nissan Leaf, Jaguar I Pace, Audi E-Tron, and several other vehicles. Together, these certifications provide us with the training and equipment to work on any new models that join the EV market.

EV Repair Center

Artistic recently opened a 21,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art facility dedicated to the repair of Electric Vehicles at our Tigard campus. In this EV Center we have a team of dedicated specialists to disassemble the vehicles and formulate a complete repair plan. Electric vehicles require much more room during this “Pre-Production” stage of repairs due to the complexity of the analysis and the size of undamaged parts that need to be stored during repairs. In addition, replacement parts for electric vehicles can take longer to arrive than traditional car parts, and we want to get EVs out of the cold and rain into a safe and dry area while waiting for parts. The EV Center also has multiple 240v chargers to keep batteries in good condition during every step in the repair process. We invite you to virtually tour this facility to learn more about the commitment we have made to the future through EV collision repair.

Tesla Repairs

The repair process for Tesla vehicles is quite different from our typical repair process. We want to make sure you have a good understanding of the process before we begin so that you know what to expect.

Tesla has done an amazing job creating a vehicle that many people love and enjoy. Tesla’s vehicles are so popular that the young company has had to work hard to meet demand, and this includes the demand for replacement parts. We must be very thorough with our initial parts order since it can often take weeks to receive certain parts. Once parts are received, we have a thorough inspection process to assure they are what we ordered and are undamaged. With large Tesla orders, it is not uncommon to have up to 400 parts in a single order for just one vehicle. Tesla often utilizes bolt-on “one-time use” fasteners, resulting in the replacement of many nuts and bolts. Also, structural components use special bonding and riveting procedures, which adds the need for specialized parts.

Other aspects of EV repairs are that all aluminum repairs must take place in a “Clean Room.” Some electric vehicles, like the Tesla Model S or Model X, are virtually all aluminum, while others, such as the Tesla Model 3, are a combination of steel and aluminum. This dedicated repair area is required to avoid cross-contamination with steel, which can cause corrosion on an aluminum car. Aluminum clean rooms are very expensive, and most aluminum certified shops only have 1 bay. Artistic Auto Body currently has 3 aluminum bays so that we can repair multiple electric vehicles and other aluminum cars at the same time.

The phrase “computers on wheels” is absolutely true when it comes to Tesla, and there are many steps required to assure that all computerized systems are fully restored and working properly. On a large Tesla repair there can be a dozen different steps in this reset and recalibration process, and it requires substantial training and special equipment to be sure that your safety isn’t compromised when you rely on these systems. We are able to perform most recalibration processes that the Tesla Service Center performs. Thus, we are able to complete most Tesla repairs in-house, without needing to transport the vehicle to the downtown service center, which means you get your vehicle back several days sooner!

On most vehicles, the frame allows for some repair within certain specifications. On aluminum vehicles, these structural components cannot be repaired but instead must be replaced, which requires specialized frame measuring systems and repair equipment. Artistic Auto Body has multiple versions of certified frame equipment to be able to meet the unique needs of any aluminum structural repair.

We are pleased to have developed the “Discovery Appointment,” designed to shorten the length of repairs on some Tesla vehicles. The standard process on a car that remains drivable and safe to drive is to order parts based on the visible damage that we can see during the estimate appointment. Once those parts arrive, we bring the car back to begin repairs, starting with disassembly of the damaged area. Most of the time we uncover additional hidden damage during this step. This “Supplemental Damage” requires that we pause the repair process to get additional approvals from the owner and/or insurance company and order more parts. Unfortunately, this can sometimes add several weeks to the overall repair process.

Since parts for Tesla vehicles may take a long time to arrive, an alternative to the standard process described above is a one day Discovery Appointment. A damaged but safely drivable Tesla will come in to the shop for a Discovery Appointment, and we take apart the damaged area, find all the hidden damage, create a list of all the parts that will be required, and then put the car back together and reset the computer functions all in one day. This way, you may continue to drive your car until all the parts arrive, at which point the repair time is reduced because there should be no waiting for parts. This is not only more convenient for you and for us, but it reduces rental car expense; most insurance policies have a 30 day rental limit, and many Tesla repairs can exceed 30 days to complete when waiting for parts to arrive.

If you are interested in a Discovery Appointment, click here to submit an Online Estimate, which is the first step towards scheduling a Discovery Appointment.

All Discovery Appointments take place at our EV Center at Hunziker, off 77th Place, just a block from our main Tigard building.