PDR 4Artística Auto Body ofrece una técnica llamada “PDR” o “abolladura sin reparación.” Este tipo de eliminación de abolladuras es menos costosa que la reparación del cuerpo / pintura convencionales y se puede hacer en un par de horas en lugar de unos pocos días,en. Not all dents can be repaired in this manner, but we can usually make the determination by inspecting your vehicle when completing an estimate.

PDR works on small dents that are accessible from the back side of a panel, occur on a flat area, and where the paint is not scratched or cracked. We use a sublet vendor which requires this to be arranged in advanced, and the average cost is about $125 per panel. If you are looking for an inexpensive way to get those dings and dent out, call us today to schedule an appointment.