At Artistic Auto Body, our motivation for pursuing more than twenty Factory Certifications is that we we care about you and your safety. We want to make sure we get every repair right. We have invested in the proper tools and equipment required by each manufacturer because a thorough and correct repair means you can have confidence in the safety of your restored vehicle. When you go to a body shop that has been OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) certified for your type of car, you can be confident that your vehicle will be repaired by skilled technicians who have the proper training and equipment to perform repairs according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

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Acura Certified Collision Repair


ProFirst Certified Collision Repair

Certified Alfa Romeo Body Shop

Alfa Romeo

Certified Collision Repair

Certified Audi Body Shop


Authorized Collision Repair

Certified Chrysler Body Shop


Certified Collision Repair

Certified Body Shop for Dodge


Certified Collision Repair

Certified Fiat Body Shop


Certified Collision Repair

Certified Ford Body Shop


Certified Collision Repair

Certified Chevy Body Shop


Certified Collision Repair

Honda Certified Body Shop


ProFirst Certified Collision Repair

Certified Hyundai Body Shop


Recognized Collision Repair

Certified Collision Repair for Infiniti


Certified Collision Repair

Certified Jaguar Body Shop


Authorized Collision Repair

Certified Jeep Body Shop


Certified Collision Repair

Certified Kia Body Shop


Recognized Collision Repair

Certified Land Rover Body Shop

Land Rover

Authorized Collision Repair

Certified Body Shop for Maserati


Certified Body Shop

Certified Nissan Body Shop


Certified Collision Repair

Certified Ram Body Shop


Certified Collision Repair

Subaru certified body shop


Certified Collision Repair

Approved body shop for Tesla


Approved Body Shop

Best-in-Class Factory Certified Body Shops

Leading automakers are doing their part to guarantee that body shops have the best tools, equipment, training, and facilities to repair your vehicle to manufacturer specifications, ensuring the fit, finish, durability, quality, and safety of the vehicle.

These best-in-class certified collision centers go through rigorous training and are held to the highest standards. Only 1 in 10 shops will meet the requirements for certification as established by the each auto manufacturer, which include passing an annual on-site inspection. Artistic Auto Body is proud to have such excellent training and certification for the following brands:


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