At Artistic Auto Body we live and breathe our core values: Trust, Commitment, Care, and Competence. Through these values we are totally devoted to 100%+ satisfaction; in fact, our goal is to exceed every customer’s expectation for both service and quality. We also strive for personal development, career growth and job contentment for every employee. These are exciting days – thank you for being part of the TEAM!


Trust is a simple word with complex meaning, ultimately defined by actions. Trust is not easily obtained, rather it is earned through repeatedly demonstrating credibility, truthfulness, accountability, and dependability. Trust is earned over time from experience, life’s best teacher. When you build trust with an individual or company, it brings a sense of order to the relationship. By earning trust, both personal and business relationships are more meaningful and efficient. As a company based on trust, we want to continue to develop the trust of our team members, customers, insurance partners, vendors, and all those we interact with on a daily basis. Every action we take and decision we make needs to demonstrate the attributes that make up the word trust. Our goal is to do business with trustworthy companies, and we pride ourselves on having trustworthy employees.
Trust is one of the key words that define our company’s core values. If any of you experience an untrustworthy action, we implore you to remind the person(s) involved that this company only takes actions that would earn trust.


Commitment is a pledge, a promise that binds us to engage in the well-being of our employees, customers, and products. This commitment manifests itself in many ways: We are committed to providing excellent customer service; we are committed to providing the highest quality of vehicle repairs possible; we are committed to providing a work environment that is conducive for both safety and success; we are committed to providing opportunities for both personal and professional growth for our employees; we are committed to each of the team members that makes our success possible; and we are committed to having fun and making the workplace an environment that people truly enjoy and appreciate.
The challenge that we pose to all of you who believe in and benefit from this very important core value is to ensure that every one of your actions embodies the meaning of this word. Along with all core value words, every action we take and decision we make must be consistent with this very important expression of our corporate culture. In life we all engage in many different relationships and interactions, but the most meaningful are those that are characterized by commitment. Whether it’s commitment to an individual, ideal, or goal, this personal commitment will lead to the most significant and meaningful life experiences.


The word care truly defines the very nature and importance of building relationships with those you work with and customers to whom we provide our products and services. Building relationships is the foundation of human interaction; if you care about the person you are interacting with, it is impossible to not consider their feelings and perspective. Our company defines its relationships with employees, customers, and co-workers using the word “care”: We care about our employees’ experience, enjoyment and future in their careers; We care about one of our customers’ most prized present possessions, their vehicle; we care about our customers’ peace of mind after an accident and their desire to have their vehicle returned to pre-accident condition; we care about our co-workers and do what is necessary to help them be successful and feel good about working for the company.
Caring individuals consider the feelings of others as much as their own. Caring individuals will not ignore the signs of discontent and make an effort to be accountable to each other. From the owners to our newest employees, care must be a part of how we act, interact, and react in every situation. Care also applies to how we feel about the duties we perform. It is impossible to be successful in any situation without caring about the outcome.


The word competence can be used when referring to a product, service, solution, or person to define the capacity for quality, efficiency, skill, and knowledge. We strive to be “the best that we can be” in every area of competence, and we should be proud of the level of competence that we have achieved in everything we do. One critical component of competence is the importance of continual learning; automotive technology is constantly advancing, and we are committed to investing in the training and equipment necessary to stay on the leading edge of it. We want our customers and our insurance partners to know that we are always prepared to handle any repair that comes our way.

Our customers depend on us to be competent when handling their claim, repairing their vehicle and all associated details, and our co-workers benefit greatly along with us when we demonstrate this competence.