Thank you for choosing Artistic Auto Body (AAB) to restore your car and your peace of mind! To avoid any confusion about payment expectations, please look over the following payment policies.


When paying out of pocket for repairs:

  • If you are considering paying out of pocket, we require a NON- REFUNDABLE deposit to be made in order to schedule your vehicle in for repairs.
  • Deposit will either be 25% of the total parts cost or a $50 flat rate, whichever is greater, and must be collected before a repair date can be set. This is to ensure that AAB does not accrue any restocking or administrative fees if you fail to make it to your repair appointment.
  • Deposit will be applied to your final repair cost.
  • All payments must be made by the vehicle owner(s)/client under contract. 3rd Party Out of Pocket Payments are not accepted.


Special order parts:

  • If parts required for your repair are considered to be “Special Order” or “Non- Returnable,” Artistic Auto Body will require payment for these parts IN FULL before a repair date can be set. If for some reason you miss/cancel your repair appointment after the parts order has already been placed, you will be asked to come collect all parts that you have purchased within 72 hours of the missed/cancelled appointment. A $50 administrative fee will apply.
  • All parts for Jaguar, Land Rover, Tesla, Maserati, Lamborghini, etc. are considered to be special order parts.
  • If parts are ordered and received under a “Self Pay” payer & the payer changes to an insurance company, a $50 administrative fee will be assessed if notice is given after the parts have been posted or if the vehicle is already in process.
  • If special order parts are required for the repair but you are utilizing an insurance claim, parts will only be ordered prior to your vehicle arrival if a Repair Authorization has been signed by you, the vehicle owner/policy holder. This ensures that the insurance company will participate in the payment of parts or restocking fees if your appointment is missed or cancelled.


Acceptable forms of payment:

  • Cash is accepted at any amount. Exact change is preferred. We cannot make change over $20.
  • Checks
    • Personal checks accepted up to $1,000 only with valid driver’s license at time of processing. One check per Repair Order. Temporary checks will not be accepted.
    • Business checks up to $2,500 only. If the amount of repairs exceeds $2,500, a manager’s approval will be required, in advance, and payment is to be made at least 3 business days before release of the vehicle.
    • Certified Checks/Cashier’s Checks will only be accepted from a known financial institution. No Western Union checks will be accepted.
  • Credit Cards
    • Visa and MasterCard only.
    • Debit Cards are preferred to avoid the 3% fee to AAB.


3rd Party Out of Pocket Payments (Non-Insurance)

As of 12/1/2017, 3rd Party Out of Pocket Payments are no longer accepted in any form. It is the vehicle owner’s choice to allow a private 3rd party to pay for the repairs on their vehicle. At no time will Artistic Auto Body accept payment from or discuss repairs with the 3rd party. This is to protect the vehicle owner’s privacy and right to choose. The vehicle owner and the 3rd party must arrange any and all payments, including rental, separate from Artistic Auto Body. Payment must be made to Artistic Auto Body by the vehicle owner(s)/client under contract.


Insurance Checks

  • If an insurance company issues you a check directly, please understand that this payment is for the repairs to your vehicle. Artistic Auto Body will obtain Power of Attorney for payments on this claim and checks should be brought to the shop to avoid any fees. If you decide to deposit this payment into your personal account, you must be willing to pay the payment total, IN FULL, by the time you pick up your repaired vehicle.
  • If an insurance check is issued to you AND Artistic Auto Body, you will not be able to deposit it into your personal account. The check must be brought to the shop before we can release your repaired vehicle back to you.
  • All insurance payments made directly to you must be paid, IN FULL, to Artistic Auto Body before we can release your repaired vehicle back to you. This includes EFT, Direct Deposits, and Checks for repairs and/or deductibles.