Collision Repair Services

At Artistic Auto Body, we take pride in restoring damaged vehicles to pre-loss conditions. We are proud to have earned more than twenty Factory Certifications as proof of our commitment to safe and accurate repairs on every vehicle. Our Tigard location is the Northwest’s premier body shop for Electric Vehicles. The Tigard body shop also specializes in luxury brands such as Audi, Jaguar, and Maserati, and has three aluminum bays to repair aluminum vehicles. We are happy to work on commercial vehicles at both of our locations, with many companies both large and small trusting us to repair the vehicles in their fleet.

One service that set us apart from many other body shops is our ability to perform ADAS calibrations onsite. Many other shops will need to take vehicles to a dealership for these services; our ability to complete these procedures onsite saves time and money for our customers.

Additional Services

Wondering about a specific collision repair service? Here are some other procedures that we offer at Artistic Auto Body. All of our work is backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

  • Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)
  • Airbag, Antilock Brakes, and Safety System Restoration
  • Tape & Hand Painted Pinstripes
  • Clear Bra Application (as part of a larger repair)
  • Alloy Wheel Repair (as part of a larger repair)

Customer Service

At Artistic Auto Body, we aim to not only restore vehicles to the highest quality; we also endeavor to restore our customers’ peace of mind. We know that accidents and collision repair can be stressful and confusing, and we try to help our customers through the process in any way we can. If your vehicle needs to be towed, we can help. If you need to drop your vehicle off after hours, that’s not a problem. If you need a rental car, we would be happy to set up the reservation for you. When you arrive for repairs, Enterprise will meet you at our shop, and when repairs are completed you can simply leave the rental vehicle in our parking lot for Enterprise to pick up. We also offer online estimates and an online authorization form for your convenience.

Services We Don’t Offer

There are certain repair services that we choose not to offer. This allows us to focus on being the best of the best at what we do offer. Here are some of the services we are frequently asked about which we do not provide:

  • Auto Glass Replacement as a stand-alone service
  • Auto Paint Jobs as a stand-alone service
  • Boat Repairs
  • RV Repairs
  • Fiberglass Repairs
  • Full Auto Detailing

In addition, we do not repair vehicles dealing with rust. We warranty all of our work with a Limited Liability Warranty, and rust is too unpredictable to offer a warranty.

If you need one of these services, we do have a list of companies that we recommend. Give us a call and we’ll do our best to point you in the right direction!

Our Customers Love Us

We’ve been in business for almost four decades and have become one of Portland’s best and most trusted body shops. Our repairs are of the highest quality and are backed by a limited lifetime warranty. Thank you, valued customers, for the positive reviews! It is our pleasure to restore your peace of mind with every repair!

Get to Know Artistic Auto Body

We are a local company with roots right here in the suburbs of Portland, Oregon. We care about our customers, which is the motivation behind our commitment to excellence. Artistic Auto Body has made continued education a top priority for our staff so that we can keep our customers safe in a world of ever-changing vehicle advancements. We are proud to have earned more than twenty factory certifications because we want to make sure we get every repair right. Each step of our repair process is intentional and important for repairing vehicles to manufacturer specifications. Our customers can count on us to explain those steps and to act as trusted advisors in insurance negotiations to ensure nothing is overlooked.

We know that accidents and collision repair can be stressful and confusing. At Artistic Auto Body, we endeavor to restore peace of mind for our customers while also restoring vehicles to pre-loss conditions with the highest levels of craftsmanship.