Our Tigard location has grown into 3 separate buildings across 8 acres, right off of Highway 217 near the 72nd exit.

This central location near the intersection of I-5 and 217 has proven to be very convenient. So we have opted to keep growing at this location as opposed to expanding into other smaller locations. With size also comes the opportunity to specialize, so today we have 3 buildings that each specialize in a certain type of repair.

For simplicity we call them B1, B2, and B3.


This is the main building we have occupied since 1992. This 32,000 sq ft building includes our Corporate Offices and our Main Offices where you will drop off and pick up your vehicle. Here we repair mostly American and Japanese brands and do the final detailing for all Tigard vehicles.


We expanded into this 14,000 sq ft building in 2007 with our first European certifications. Here we specialize in European brands and have an entire room dedicated to just aluminum repairs.

B3 – EV Center

We expanded into this 21,000 sq ft facility in 2018 to support our commitment to the future of Electric Vehicles (EVs) and Autonomous Vehicles. While we are certified in many other brands of EVs too, this facility is filled primarily with Tesla vehicles. As you tour this facility you will see we are very well equipped with specialized equipment and dedicated staff. Also important: we can store electric vehicles inside – safe, warm, and charged. This specialized facility allows us to repair a large volume of electric vehicles and lead the market in repair times and customer satisfaction.